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  • Your business needs employees - we're here to help!

    It doesn't matter if we're talking about construction-related, automotive or manufacturing trades, small businesses have hit the wall in their ability to hire good employees like never before. While the reasons are many, we know that small businesses need help now, and sitting around talking about past mistakes isn't going to solve anything. Our consultant teams have broad experience in recruiting, individual development and business growth strategies. Our teams can help you:

    Access candidate pools you are probably not reaching.

    Prepare people in a pre-apprenticeship program to ready them to be your apprentice.

    Implement strategies to keep your employees once you've found them.

    Join one of our hiring co-ops and get started on filling your apprenticeship positions today!

    If you need employees now, contact us today to start building a funnel of new potential employees!

    • Co-ops currently forming in: Raleigh-Durham, NC!  Contact us if you want to see one in YOUR community!

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    Are people coming and going like you have a revolving door? 

    Maybe you're finding people to interview, but they either don't show up - or they leave after a couple of days.

    If you are refilling the same position multiple times, how much of your valuable time are you wasting?

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  • What are the top 3 issues we address?

    We've worked in the trades, in recruitment and in organizational development. Let us build the pieces of your hiring puzzle!

    Healthy, Happy & On the Job

    Wellness knowledge and empowerment is now a mandatory skillset for today's workforce.  Our experts will help them live happier, healthier lives to keep them on the job!

    Think Like an Entrepreneur!

    What would the value be to you to have apprentices who understand what it takes to be in business - and who are interested in helping you grow yours?

    Communication & Leadership Skills Development

    Developing goals that integrate with yours.  Handling conflict & being a team player.  Are these skills that would benefit you?

    About us

    The solutions teams at Triangle Solutions Alliance:

    • Have worked in the trades
    • Have been career transition specialists and recruiters
    • Have helped people become more job-ready
    • Have helped people heal life trauma that can interfere with productive work habits

    We've also helped businesses:

    • Improve their hiring and retention strategies
    • Manage their growth strategy
    •  Create problem-solving teams that help employees become a greater value to their employers

    If you have an apprenticeship program, or are willing to create one, we'll create the pipeline of people who can and will fill them.

  • Give us a call 919-671-6134

  • Our clients are happy

    Our team members have plenty of evidence to prove it!

    ''I highly recommend Dori and her drumming work, if you are looking for stress management or healing on any level. Science has proven that drumming can make a significant difference. Dori makes the whole process easy & non-intimidating (especially if you are a beginner), as well as lots of fun." ~ Michelle W.

    Dori Staehle

    Team Member

    ''Mr. Mabe directed me and a group of 8 Career Transition Specialists located throughout the state of Virginia to place a consistent stream of Job Corps graduates into self sustaining employment as quickly as possible. I feel we were most successful due to him having us focus on one large caseload instead of how they were divided into individual territories. Most full-time professionals spend more hours at work than we do at home. I like feeling that my work group is my second family and this is mostly in part of his management..'' ~ K. Roberts

    Richard Mabe

    Team Member

    ''One of our students completely trashed 6 months of work on her project, and overnight came up with an AMAZING presentation. We asked her why she chose to do that when she had worked so hard on the initial project. The student responded, “When Jean spoke and said you’ll know it’s what you’re supposed to do because it’s YOURS and it flows from you, I knew I had to BE my ‘authentic self’ even if it meant giving up all that work. My new project is who I am and I stand behind it.” The teacher continued, “Just know you’ve made a huge impact.”.'' - from a DECCA Teacher

    Jean Peterson

    Team Member

    Your Questions Answered

    Can I give input to your program?

    Of course!  While we have components that will be included for every business, we recognize that every business is unique and has unique needs!

    How long does your program run?

    Our program typically runs 12 weeks.  Since much of our program is "learn by doing", this gives us time to create new beliefs and habits with our participants.

    Why does your program not include technical components?

    Our program specializes in soft skills, largely because it's a huge missing component that is not be addressed by many programs.  We partner with companies that already have an apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship program that focuses on technical skills.  You know that piece far better than we do.  If there's something specific you're looking for, we are happy to find a solution for you.

    Does your program come with any type of guarantee?

    We guarantee that we will provide the number of apprentices you requested who have completed the program.  If any of your future apprentices fall out during the program, we will provide a replacement.

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